Post-Doctoral Bridge to Business Program
Marketing Track

Intro to the Marketing Track | Curriculum

Due to insufficient interest, the AQ Bridge program has been cancelled for 2013.

Comprehensive Teaching and Research Instruction

The marketing track of the Post-Doctoral Bridge to Business Program offered by the Pamplin College of Business is an eight week/320 contact hour, residential program, which provides marketing education in five modules.

  • Modularized Instruction
    1. Concepts and Skills
    2. Understanding Markets
    3. Marketing Research
    4. The Marketing Mix
    5. Developing a Research Program
  • Training in business school pedagogy
  • Training in research methodology and development of research topics

Academic Qualification at Undergraduate and Graduate Levels

Having successfully completed the program, you will be qualified to teach undergraduate and graduate courses in a marketing department, and successfully initiate a research agenda in marketing. You will also be deemed academically qualified by AACSB to transition into marketing academics. See the Curriculum section for details.