Post-Doctoral Bridge to Business Program

Intro to the Finance Track | Curriculum

Due to insufficient interest, the AQ Bridge program has been cancelled for 2013.

The Finance Track of the Post-Doctoral Bridge to Business Program offered by the Pamplin College of Business is an eight week/320 contact hour, residential program which provides:

  • Courses in the main fields of finance in four modules:
    1. Concepts and Skills
    2. Corporate Finance
    3. Investments
    4. International Finance
  • Training in research methodology, discussion of research papers, and development of research proposals.
  • Training in business school pedagogy.
  • About 50% of the contact hours are devoted to content and pedagogy, and 50% to research.

Having successfully completed the program, the graduating candidate will be qualified to teach undergraduate and graduate courses in a Finance Department, and successfully initiate a research agenda in finance. He or she will be deemed academically qualified by AACSB to transition into finance academics. See the Curriculum section for details.